Oiba has an amazing collection of Parquet flooring.

We have traditional loose tongue and groove blocks unfinished, aged tumbled blocks to achieve a worn appearance, and engineered boards which can be trimmed to size.

But why not create a floor in double quick time by using our 800 x 800mm Chateaux pre-finished panels. These fit together and can build quickly into an amazing French Parquet floor.

How you lay your parquet is entirely up to you. Herringbone is not the only way to lay the individual blocks. There are basket weaves and windmills or just plain brick !

Why not come and view our extensive displays.

Create your own blends from these engineered herringbone short planks 508 x 127mm.

Arbour and Moccasin
Arbour and Moccasin

Paperback Cashmere Windspray Silverleaf
Paperback Cashmere Windspray Silverleaf

Licourice Arbour Sandbank
Liquorice Arbour Sandbank

Cashmere Arbour
Cashmere Arbour

Sandbank Moccasin
Sandbank Moccasin

Licourice Arbour
Liquorice Arbour

Parquet Flooring, Blocks, Herringbone, Chevrons

Time Worn Parquet

Oak Unfinished
Unfinished Oak Parquet Blocks

Oak Distressed
Aged Oak Parquet Blocks

Versailles Blocks
Versailles Blocks Parquet Blocks

Mosaic Blocks
Mosaic Oak Parquet Blocks

Maple Prime
Maple Prime Parquet Blocks

Oak Dark Fumed
Oak Dark Fumed Parquet Blocks

Walnut Rustic
Walnut Rustic Parquet Blocks

Walnut Prime
Walnut Prime Parquet Blocks

800 x 800 Pre finished Panels

Chateaux Natural
Chateaux Natural Parquet

Chateaux Driftwood
Chateaux Driftwood Parquet

Chateaux Antique
Chateaux Antique Parquet

Chateaux Blanc
Chateaux Blanc Parquet

Villa Siena
Villa Siena Parquet

Villa Vecchia
Villa Vecchia Parquet

Herringbone Chevrons Engineered

Oak Engineered Herringbone Davos

Oak Engineered Herringbone Chamonix

Oak Engineered Herringbone Crystal

Oak Engineered Herringbone Tyrol

St Moritz
Oak Engineered Herringbone St Moritz

Oak Engineered Herringbone Seefeld

St Anton
Oak Engineered Herringbone St Anton

Oak Engineered Herringbone Zermatt

Oak Engineered Herringbone Kitzbuehel

Oak Engineered Herringbone Megeve

Parquet Engineered Flooring 600 x 120mm

Oak Nature
Oak Nature Engineered Parquet Blocks

Oak Crystal
Oak Crystal Engineered Parquet Blocks

Lacquered Oak
Oak Nature Engineered Parquet Blocks

Oak Burnished
Oak Nature Engineered Parquet Blocks

Black Walnut
Oak Nature Engineered Parquet Blocks

Parquet Engineered Flooring 508 x 127 x 15mm

Ted Todd

Oak  Engineered Parquet Cashmere

Oak  Engineered Parquet Paperback

Oak  Engineered Parquet Sandbank

Oak  Engineered Parquet Moccasin

Oak  Engineered Parquet Satchel

Oak  Engineered Parquet Arbour

Oak  Engineered Parquet Licourice

Oak  Engineered Parquet Windspray

Oak  Engineered Parquet Silverleaf

Oak  Engineered Parquet Nightfall

Chevrons Sawn Oak

Oak Chevrons
Oak Chevrons Hungarian Point

Our Chevron designs are mostly made to order in any of the colours above and also distressed and aged finishes.

Typically made in 18mm engineered planks (12 +6mm) in sizes 85 x 510 and 105 x 525mm.

Seen left inprime oak with a white oil.

Also available in A/B or B/C grades, smoked, distressed with any combination of oils.

Can be used in a combination of colours to dramatic effect.

11mm thick stock items below 610 x 90mm

Alabaster Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Wool Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Palladian Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Natural Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Amber Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Nightshade Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Slate Oak  Chevron Engineered Parquet

Patterns and Weaves
2 Strip Wenge and Oak Border

Design your own floor using a blend of more than one colour from above.

Or try a less obvious design such as the adjacent image with rows of the short planks bordered with the same material which is also available in a 2200mm long plank.

Seen here Nightfall

Be creative !

Pre-finished panels are the quickest way to cover a floor in spectacular style.

Parquet Chevron DesignParquet Chevron DesignParquet Chevron DesignParquet Chevron DesignParquet Chevron DesignParquet Chevron Design

Borders can be created using pieces laid end to end such as in Victorian hallways. Much of the possiblities are in the hands of the installer. Patience and skill are required for this work, but the results are most rewarding and the floor will last more than anyone's lifetime.

Border Strips
2 Strip Wenge and Oak Border

Finish your floor in style with this 2 strip African Wenge and Oak border.

This is a look that lends authenticity to a restoration project or a new build in character style.


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